The Garden

We started our garden in the Spring of 2020.

Surrounded by large redwoods and oak trees and nestled in between Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley, we get warm days with full sunshine for our flowers to flourish.

We have increased our dahlia production and added more flower varieties in the last three years. We love to include flowers from our garden in our weddings or everyday deliveries. Being able to grow and use your own product is rewarding and enjoyable for our customers.

On our farm, we have a wide variety of bushes, shrubs, and flowers, all of which our bees are actively pollinating. Our hens contribute to the creation of healthy, rich soil by mulching and composting. As environmental protection awareness grows, flowers remind us of nature’s beauty and all there is to protect.

Flowers we grow- cosmos, roses, dahlias, zinnias, alstroemeria, chamomile, sunflowers, sweet peas, yarrow and more!

" a field of roses she is a wildflower."

Our garden was established in the spring of 2020. Nestled between Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley, surrounded by massive redwood and oak trees, we get warm, sunny days that are ideal for our flowers to thrive. Over the past three years, we have expanded our flower varietals and raised our dahlia production. We enjoy using flowers from our garden in both daily deliveries and bridal bouquets. For our customers, having the ability to cultivate and utilize their own product is fulfilling and delightful.

Our bees are hard at work pollinating the many different bushes, shrubs, and flowers that grow on our property. Our chickens mulch and compost the soil, which helps to create rich, nutritious soil. Growing awareness of environmental conservation is prompted by flowers.